Our Story

We began as a marketing and data analytics firm delivering marketplace intelligence that yielded optimal ROI to create effective, measurable marketing campaigns. Additionally, we helped businesses accurately interpret and utilize data to help optimize business performance. One afternoon, a client requested that we execute and manage their marketing and advertising based on our findings. After much success, we expanded our practice to include building marketing strategy and executing advertising campaigns. This was the birth of Optilytics Media.

With backgrounds in marketing strategy and analytics, advertising, branding and brand design, content creation and data we boast the capabilities to effectively partner with our clients from training all the way to the finish line. We have over ten years of experience working with multiple sectors such as health + beauty, food + beverage, ecommerce, finance, retail, and not-for-profits. We don’t just simply and plan and buy, we develop effective measurement plans that allow us to ensure we achieve the goals and objectives our clients desire. The team at Optilytics Media hold ourselves accountable to achieve the most optimal campaign and manage investment for efficiency.

As we are not your typical agency, we are your partners in business, we don’t have the overhead most marketing and advertising agencies include in their pricing. We provide a true cost for services, that helps ease our clients overall marketing investment, while not sacrificing quality. Additionally, we provide exclusive partners on each business that will manage all elements of the scope of work. This eliminates our clients not knowing whose hands are touching their work and managing their performance.

Through our customized client dashboards we have identified areas of marketing cost savings between 10-20% and key steps to improve business performance on average by +15%. Our data management best practices have allowed our clients’ to make better business decisions and develop the most appropriate metrics to solve vital business objectives.

We personally welcome you to choose your adventure with us. We look forward to partnering with you.